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Penny O'Sullivan


Monash University

Mimi Kwa hosted and MC'd our virtual Monash Tech Talk on Agile Nations: Recovering in a pandemic in 2020. All event participants and panelists have been giving glowing feedback about her energy, dynamism and grace in drawing out interesting points on an incredibly complex topic. Personally, I loved the way Mimi encouraged engagement and wove personal experiences into discussion about agility during a tumultuous time such as COVID – which is what being an MC is all about. Mimi's passion for change was infectious and she was incredibly flexible, friendly and easy to work with. 

Mimi - We learned so much from working with you and would love to do it again. We can't wait to work with you again in the future. 

Penelope Barr



Mimi Kwa has real presence and is an absolute professional. Mimi's role at NAB was to be the 'voice' of the business banker and her performance was consistently strong. I have no hesitation in recommending Mimi for any role she applies for.

Viki Markoff



Without doubt Mimi Kwa is one of the most personable, professional and experienced people ICMI has had the pleasure of dealing with.

Whether as a host, MC or facilitator, Mimi’s commitment to making every engagement the best it can be is exemplary and her years of experience in the media shines through.

She is genuine, funny, intelligent and a real joy. Mimi is one of a kind in today’s too often world of vanilla. 

Anthony Lee



Mimi Kwa and I have trained together from one side of Australia to the other. She is one of the best presenters in the country and always great to work with. Mimi is thoroughly professional, friendly, informed and focused on results.

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