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New Learnings, Big Awakenings


March 2022

It's never too late to evolve.

Hello Everyone! :)

These past few months I have interviewed John Cleese, published a book with Harper Collins and had a profound transcendental experience at an incredible retreat called Samadhi, here in Victoria, Australia. I have also moved away from drama and negativity, come back from the brink of losing my partner and grappled with how to express myself transparently, authentically and vulnerably when the world is in turmoil and so many are experiencing seemingly insurmountable grief. How do we emanate joy and show our faith in good whilst acknowledging sorrow and despair?

It's a good question.

I acknowledge the pain of Ukraine and the NSW and Queensland flood victims, and recognise there exists deep trauma and suffering in many places. In order to counter my feelings of helplessness, I thought I would try to contribute to greater good by writing about some epiphanies I have had over the past two years that have pushed me out of my comfort zone and nudged me to grow and expand emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. I have also expanded physically ... but perhaps more metaphorically than in a Covid kilo way!

Creativity with John Cleese

From the outset he made me laugh. Not surprising! Whenever I interview a celebrity, people ask, what were they like? John was engaging and funny with quick anecdotes about Monty Python and Fawlty Towers and had a very genuine drive to enlighten humanity on the virtues of child inspired play to foster creativity and therefore innovation. After 90 minutes one on one with John Cleese, an hour of which was live to air, my epiphany came after he explained that the foundation of his ability to think creatively, was his unstable upbringing, moving to a new area every year of his childhood, having to adapt to new schools, new friends every time. He had to think creatively to survive. It dawned on me that is the root of my own creativity - having had to adapt in a dysfunctional and frequently changing landscape as a child. Understanding this reinforced it as a blessing. What has paved the way for your creative and adaptive thinking and how can you embrace it further? John Cleese's book (and this is not a paid endorsement) Creativity, is a good, quick, fun and enlightening read that can definitely help unblock creative channels. I loved it and so did my kids.

Publishing in a Pandemic

Of course there were worse things to be doing and I will try not to preface everything I write with a disclaimer of how lucky I am. However, I do feel very fortunate. There was no House of Kwa book launch, writers' events or bookshop appearances but I did connect with people far and wide through social media (maybe you!) and was awed at the response to what some close to me had intimated was - and I worried might be construed as - a shameful past, but to my relief, was overwhelming read as a poetic tribute to forgiveness. My epiphany emerged as a stepping into my power and feeling more aligned with my purpose: to show others they are not alone, and that healing is available to us all with forgiveness opening a door to mending the soul.

In the past two years, as I nursed a husband I was not sure would pull through, but thankfully did, homeschooled my four kids and kept an eye on my mentally ill mother under our same roof, at times I struggled to stay grateful as certain friends fell away and others with whom I share great mutual support had their own dilemmas to contend with during rolling lockdowns here in Melbourne or further afield. But, like you, I kept breathing. I read Gabby Bernstein, Vex King and many others and learned to regulate my vibe, and stay high (in the most organic sense). What has been your greatest challenge during the past two years and how has it seeded your growth? It's been a gift to step through the process of being published which was challenging for me but I can now be certain that I am on the path of my true purpose to be of service using my skills and gifts for the highest good.

A Profound Transcendental Experience

I do believe the expression 'we are all spirits having a human experience' and paradoxically I am most reminded of this when, as a human I have a spiritual experience. When I was a girl I had no doubt I had an affinity with the mystical, but with no meditation or yogic teachings apparently available to me, I quickly allowed the trappings and desires of modern life to drown out my innate connection to a spiritual dimension, not of organised religion, but a clear knowing that there is something more than the dimension we are conditioned to operate in, under the cultural, social and political rules each of us is taught to live under. In short, like most of us, I had lost touch with my inquisitive, intuitive and spiritually aligned child, but now I have uncovered the person I always was, and am still uncovering. My recent epiphany occurred during an intense rainbow chakra mediation, guided by a beautiful healer called Annah at Samadhi Retreat near Daylesford in Victoria, Australia. She and her husband Wayne have hosted all sorts of of people including celebrities there, on the quiet, but this tidbit pales in comparison to the profound expansion of my awakening that they supported.

As I sat crossed legged on a bean bag, my back completely supported, Annah took great care talking me and one other woman through the coloured chakras and to imagine them as faceted gleaming precious stones emanating light. The visions I experienced through my third eye coupled with the weightless sensation throughout my body, I can only describe as ecstasy. I was floating on cloud nine and connecting with all being. If I didn't know better I would have thought I was on some sort of psychedelic, but I wasn't. I had accessed something in my brain that opened a portal to something wonderful. When the meditation was over, Annah gentle coaxed us to take it easy and go for a walk in nature or lie down. I went for a walk. I was still floating. Every breath was like the amplified airways of an astronaut on the moon, and I walked with the same anti gravity pull. I was still weightless even after we had been brought back into the room with a singing bowl or chime (I can't recall). As I entered a garden alcove I felt completely at peace and utterly at one with the universe. I was energetically connected to the trees, the earth and the sky. We were one and all I was was love and light. Have you had a transcendental experience and what brought you back to the physical plane? I pulled myself back because I began to think rather than continue in the state of surrender, and my only thought was one of worry - "I really should get back to reality" and so I snapped myself out of the profoundly enjoyable experience and stood blinking and in awe of what had just happened.

Evolving our Human Relations

My mission is to help people to feel less alone, and to show forgiveness is the path to healing, through storytelling. The latest on that journey is my four generational epic family saga, House of Kwa, published by Harper Collins.

Thank you for reading my first blog. If this is not your cup of tea, please feel free to simply unsubscribe. If my words resonate with you, however, I am so glad, and look forward to checking back in, in a few months with more storytelling and reflections. Please share this with anyone you think might be interested and connect on social media if you'd like to join me there. I send you love and every good wish.

♡ Mimi Kwa

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